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For 25 years now, the EUROBIKE has always given the bike business new momentum and a strong tailwind. In 2016 we are shifting up to a higher gear”, announced Messe Friedrichshafen CEO Klaus Wellmann, in regard to the extensive concept changes. Around the globe, in the world of the bike industry, the EUROBIKE is already considered an essential appointment on the calendar. In the end, everything in the bike business is centered on the bike-enthusiast customers - and consequently, the trade fair organizers and a large number of manufacturers would like to take this properly into account, and do so at a whole new level. What used to be Public Day will be replaced the EUROBIKE FESTIVAL DAYS which will take place on two weekend days. “A mixture of technology, tests, entertainment, competition, information and music will serve as the framework for two action-filled bike days that will strengthen the connection to consumers. We want to make the EUROBIKE FESTIVAL DAYS into the most important European bike consumer event and offer industry actors a unique chance to emotionalize their brands,” says EUROBIKE Head Stefan Reisinger, looking forward. OEM exhibitors, for whom contact with consumers is not decisive, will have the possibility to keep a B2B focus and limit their attendance at the show to three days. “This will mean that certain parts of the fairgrounds, namely those which will not be filled during the festival weekend, will remain closed. That will also require regrouping exhibitors in the affected areas.“ 


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